What can we do against light pollution?

  1. Every light needs to be justifiable
  2. Limit the use of light to when it is needed
  3. Direct the light to where it is needed
  4. Reduce the light intensity to the minimum needed
  5. Use light spectra adapted to the environment
  6. When using white light, then in ‚warm‘ colour temperature (less than 3000 Kelvin)
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Lampe_06_wenig-1The Loss of the Night Network has elaborated recommendations to avoid common mistakes in outdoor lighting

Further statements:

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The standard EN13201 is a non-binding recommendation, it is not the law

LoNNe strongly advises to significantly reduce the current proposed minimum street lighting levels (luminance and illuminance) in the street lighting norm  EN 13 201, find here the reasons and the LoNNe objection to the street lighting norm EN 13201.