In Italy no common national law against light polltuion exists, but many regional laws.

The strictest regional law is taken into force in Lombardy, it is considered as a European draft law. Find an overview over Italian regional legislation against light pollution in the detailed map from Pierantonio Cinzano.

Main regulations of the Lombardy law:

  • Light emissions from lighting above the horizontal must remain below 0 cd / 1000 lm
  • Only bulbs of the highest (energy-) efficiency must be used, in accordance with the current state of technology.
  • After 11 pm (during summer time 12 am) the light emission is  to be reduced by at least 30 %.
  • Light panels are to radiate from top to bottom.
  • Moving or stationary spotlight for advertising is prohibited.
  • Building illumination is allowed only from the top down. In exceptional cases, illumination from the bottom may be accepted, but only up to 1 m below the highest edge of the illuminated area and if shutdown or reduction after 11pm /12 am is provided. The maximum luminance may be at 1 cd / m2.
  • Protection zones of 30 km and 15 km to professional and public observatories are mandatory.