WG 2: Assembling existing data concerning artificial lighting and light pollution

The objective of this Working Group is to establish a common database in which artificial lighting and light pollution data regarding for example thresholds effects, lighting installations worldwide and spectral characteristics of lighting technology, as well as monitoring data can be entered and archived as a prerequisite for the assessment of the mid- and long-term development of light pollution. The Working Group assembles data

(i) for synthesis pertaining to the impact of artificial lighting

(ii) for developing criteria regarding the definition of light pollution

(iii) for developing mitigation strategies. These activities take account of existing databases and analysis tools.
The database will be implemented into the COST Action’s website extending the four years period of the COST Action. In addition, the data base will include a transdisciplinary bibliographic database, data mediated reviews, and protocols to mitigate negative impacts of artificial lighting.

This working group is led by:
Dr. Elmar Veenendaal, Netherlands
Maja Grubisic, FU-Berlin and IGB, Germany