9th Biodiversity Festival – Parco Nord Milano – Italy

Attivarti.org, the main Italian organization active in the Loss of the Night Network, won with the BuioMetria Partecipativa (BMP) project for participatory night sky quality monitoring, the contest for ideas in the 9th Biodiversity Festival, hosted by Parco Nord Milano.


The plan is to conduct a set of measurements using some of the hand-held sky quality meters (SQMs) managed by the BMP team, as well as to engage citizens in other activities related to awareness raising on artificial light at night, following the experience consolidated since 2008, and adding some variants dedicated to the Biodiversity Festival.

The core of the BuioMetria Partecipativa activities will be centred in the first half of the festival (September 11- September 15), but we are also considering activities through September 21.

Furthermore Andrea Giacomelli, Coordinator of the BuioMetria Parecipativa project, and LoNNe MC member, has been invited as one of five national experts to provide a talk during the opening of the Festival (Friday, September 11).

If you are planning to be in Milano during the Festival, and are interested in participating, please write to info@attivarti.org to express your interest, and the organizers will get back to you to evaluate options.